Filter Press

Automatic diaphragm on the home water washing filter press


● automatic high pressure filter cloth washing, pressure, rinse clean.

● Closed brush design, scrubbing effect is significant, the washing water will be limited to the washing area, reduce the amount of external discharge.

● Close high pressure flushing, to overcome the water pressure loss, save energy.

● All stainless steel structure, anti-corrosion performance, beautiful and practical.

● Flush system is relatively independent, saving operating space.

● With the flap mechanism, flushing water can be recycled, after treatment can be reused, save resources.

● With the diaphragm press system, you can get a lower moisture content.

● assembled rack, compact structure, easy disassembly and transportation.

Applicable industry:

● Industrial and domestic sewage treatment

● Suitable for industries with high degree of automation required for filter presses

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