Selection Guide

Explosion-proof filter press


For the sites with explosive air mixture: 1 division, 2 divisions.

For explosive air mixture: II A, II B, II C.

Temperature class: T1-T4

Indoor or outdoor


● Explosion-proof electric control cabinet is composite or integral structure, electric control cabinet is explosion isolation structure.

● The die-casting frame is alloy aluminum or weld-forming frame is carbon steel with high pressure static electricity plastic cladding on surface.

● The switch, indicate light, button, PLC, contactor and instruments are installed inside, location and remote control be selected with DCS control room.

● Explosion-proof flexible hose or armored power cables has excellent heat, oil, corrosion, water, wears and aging resistance and well flexible and stable structure.

● The explosion-proof joint is carbon steel, brass or stainless steel, its protection grade reaches IP66 has easy installation and use, broad scope of application, and high reliability characteristics.

  • Explosion - proof hydraulic control system
  • Supporting the explosion-proof components of the filter press

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