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Membrane squeezing system

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The 1.6 MPa squeeze pressure (The maximum squeeze pressure for membrane plate could be 2.0 MPa) effectively squeeze out free moisture inside filter cake after feed, further decreasing cake moisture and hence cake disposal costs.

It’s equipped with security devices to protect the membrane squeeze function. The sequence of de-squeeze (squeeze medium evacuation) and plate shifting, feed and squeeze are interlocked; the residual pressure in membrane space is automatic checked, if not at safe value, the equipment will stop and alarm.

The squeeze is realized by pressurized media produced by multi-stage centrifugal pump or air container.


● High dry substance of the filter cake, depending on the application.

● High capacity due to short cycle times

● Elimination, reduction in size or increase in capacity of downstream dryer

● Reliable filter cake discharge with sticky products

● Low consumption of compressed air

● Flexible fill control even for products which are difficult by filter press

● User-friendly operation

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