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Drip tray system

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The automatic drip tray system is driven by a low-speed motor (or hydraulic power unit) to open/close the upper and lower tray at different speed through work of link mechanism. The filtrate dripping will be collected and recycled.

When the filter plates are closed and feeding is beginning, the drip tray is in close status. In operation, the filtrate on sealing areas (on filter plate) will drip down from filter cloth due to cloth capillarity phenomenon. The dripping will be collected by two trays and flow into filtrate troughs at side. After completion of filtration, open the drip tray and loosen the filter plates to discharge filter cakes. The filter cakes will drop into cake hopper below filter press.

Comparing with old design, this design has advantage of space-saving, high automation, zero pollution to filer cakes by filtrate and rich function etc.

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