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Filter cloth shaking system

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Filter cloth shaking system is an auxiliary mechanism to chamber filter press preconditioned on filter cloth tiltingdevice. It works to shake the filter cloth by striking the filter cloth suspension rod for several times, actuated by a pneumatically driven air cylinder automatically after the filter plate is shifted and the filter cloth is inclined. It’s designed to assist thorough discharge of filter cake from filter cloth by external mechanical force. This device service for conditions that filter cake is sticky to be retained on surface of filter cloth.

Simple structure and reliable operation enables successful application of this device. It optimizes the functions of filter press, but also facilitates higher automatic operation conditions, therefore decreases labor intensity of operators and improves the production rate.


● Cake discharges easily, reduce labor intensity and improve the efficiency of discharge cake.

● Simple structure, flexible movement.

● Can be used in conjunction with titling, cloth washing system.

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