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Preparation work before commissioning Before the commissioning staff get to the using filed, users are required to do the following things:

1. With fully and perfectly fitting parts installation, all the main parts should been installed and carried out adjustment and inspection under a required precision.

2. Correct wiring of the electric power supply and motor .regular work of the motor, the hydraulic station should have enough oil. (Please fill the oil tank with hydraulic oil completely).

3. Fit all the feeding pipe, air pipe, water pipe valves properly in order to guarantee its free flow.

4. All valves used in the pipeline (e.g. pneumatic valve) should be connected with the air supply pipelines and the indicator wire. The pneumatic valve should move in smooth action.

5. The auxiliary machines (such as air container, pumps, air compressor etc.) should be made ready.

6. Prepare enough slurry, air source and water to meet the requirement for machine's trail run.

7. According to the slurry characteristic, prepare some flocculating agent for thickening the slurry.

8. If the slurry needs to be tested or inspected, the work should be carried out by persons having special knowledge. The special testing equipment and reagents are also needed.

9. One or two maintenance staffs and several operating personnel are required.

10. Prepare some common tools, such as adjustable wrench, iron hammer, wire cutter, screwdriver, and hexagon spanner, as well as auxiliary materials such as machine oil, lubricate oil and cotton yarn.

Problems and trouble-shooting

NO. Problems Possible Causes Solution
1 Oil pressure is not enough 1. Wrong adjustment or damage on the overflow valve
2. Oil leakage inside the valve
3. Sealing O-ring abrasion in the cylinder
4. Leakage outside the hydraulic hose
5. Slow reaction of the solenoid direction valve
6. Damage in the plunger pump
7. Not enough oil
1. Readjust or replace
2. Readjust or replace
3. Replace O-ring
4. Repair or replace
5. Clean or replace
6. Replace
7. Add oil
2 Can't maintain the pressure properly 1. leakage in the oil hose
2. Defective sealing rings in piston rod
3. Malfunction in the hydraulic controlled check valve
4. Leakage in the safety valve
1. Repair the oil hose
2. Replace the sealing rings
3. Clean it with kerosene or replace it
4. Clean it with kerosene or replace it
3 No action of  closing or opening 1. Not enough oil
2. Damage in the plunger pump
3. No action in the solenoid direction valve
4. The spring in the opening overflow valve is loose
1. Add oil
2. Replace
3. Re-connect the wire if it is circuit malfunction, wash or replace if it is the valve malfunction
4. Replace the spring
4 Malfunction of plate shift shifter 1. The driving system is jammed
2. Malfunction in the time relay
3. Malfunction of the plate shift system
4. Malfunction in the plate shift solenoid direction valve
1. Clean and adjust
2. Refer to Number 10
3. Repair or replace
4. Repair or replace
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